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Dumetco is a wholesales company founded in 2013 by Nils Veldhuisen and Zahra Pars . A company with as main target to become marketleader in the field of import of Middle Eastern food products in Europe.
This is a more and more globalized fast growing market. Milions of middle east inmmigrants in Europe, but also the younger traditional Europeans who want to taste the delicious middle east kitchen, have a huge demand for these healthy, high quality produce.
Our focus is only e-commerce and in the near future we will explore several websites in the B2B and B2C field.
Since april 2014 we provide europe and especially the Netherlands with our dutch saffronsite. You find it on

Founder Dumetco Nils Veldhuisen
Founder Dumetco Zahra Pars

You can find some company information at Home . and more information about the chamber of commerce registration and addres you find on company For contact you click direct on contact.